Fancy Fonts

Fancy fonts are a way of expressing aesthetic components that attract the viewer. This considers that apart from the text itself, its functionality would be to communicate through an innovative typeface, some metaphor that contributes to the text as a whole.

If you dedicate yourself to the world of graphic design or simply have a brand, business or blog, you need a series of resources to create your banners, creative pieces, promotions or cover images on your blog.

Among those graphic elements I am referring to are fonts or typographies, which although they are not exactly the same in origin, are a fundamental resource in graphic design.

What’s the difference between Editing and fancy fonts?

Unlike the editorial typeface, the fancy one considers that the text communicates, in addition to linguistically, as an image. That is, it prioritizes the visual form that forms the text as a whole.

For this reason, aspects such as images, variety in composition, outlines, line breaks, and kerning and line spacing are considered fancy fonts.

In other words, fancy fonts looks for types that make an impact and, in turn, communicate a message clearly.

Fonts are a very important part of any web design. Websites are always full of information, so every time you edit a text, you have to worry about choosing an appropriate font. The fonts you choose should blend in well with the overall style and color scheme of your project design.

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Bulgaret Experimental Font

An experimental font that performs well for mid-length text and headlines.

Ambrosia Handmade Font

Ambrosia is a handmade font with a strong personality, crafted to add an edge of personality and softness to your designs.

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